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This bag will get you to the range with the kit that you need for a day on the range and keep it organized and handy. The bag measures 12 inches tall, 14 inches wide, and 8.5 inches deep. 1428 total cubic inches. It is constructed of 500D nylon Cordura. The strap is generous, padded and contoured to stay on the users shoulder when they have their hands full.

It features full adjustability and is easily removed by disengaging the side release buckles on either side. On either end there are zippered pockets sized to contain folded electronic ear pro, range finders, staple guns, or a your lunch. On the front of the bag is a zippered pouch that will allow the front to fold out to a workstation. The interior of the compartment is covered in loop for attachment of hook backed accessory pouches and has elastic loops sewn across the compartment for magazine and or tool storage. The fold down flap is covered with vinyl to make a workspace that can stand up to oil and solvents used in cleaning and lubing your weapon.

There is a rare earth magnet sewn into the middle of the work area that will draw small metal pieces to it, like grip screws, inorder to keep them from loss. On the reverse side of the bag there is a flap pocket to accept a gun rug, targets and the like. The interior of the main compartment features mesh cinch pockets on either end to hold spent brass or smaller items. There are two full length dividers in the compartment that are secured to the bag using hook and loop material. This allows the user to move them as need inside the bag. The lid has mesh storage on the underside for even more organization of shooting supplies. The bottom of the bag has non-kid feet and webbing to reinforce the bag.


Bags Pictured are
Height: 12"
Width: 14:
Depth: 8.5"
Volume: 1428 cu. in.